pre alloyed powders

Pre-Alloyed Powders

In the highly competitive parts or tools production world, engineers and purchasers search for low-cost alternatives that can stand up to the wear and tear of rugged use. The process of metal forming has advanced tremendously in the past few decades. Now powder metal manufacturing is becoming the technology of choice of several industries.

The science of powder metallurgy is unique in that you can either blend a new powder into the basic iron powder or add it earlier during the melting process. This is called prealloying.

You can leverage pre-alloyed materials to cost-effectively enhance part performance in terms of strength, magnetic qualities, wear resistance, hardness, and more.

The secret to determining when it’s appropriate to use pre-alloyed powder metal is to maintain a balance between cost and performance.

Pre-alloyed powder is expected to provide a new strategy with efficient and low cost for the preparation of super-hard material products.

Industry standard iron-copper-carbon mix -- used for 60-70% of all powder metal parts -- just doesn’t fit? You need to look at next-level opportunities if you want to improve one or more of the following:

  • Reducing Sintering Temperature below 900 °C
  • Part-to-part consistency of microstructures to avoid soft spots
  • Higher Strength
  • Increase Hardness
  • Great Wear Resistance
  • Excellent Bending strength

At Serena Inc we provide various grades of pre-alloyed powders, fit to suit your application which consists of Iron-copper-tin-zinc.

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Coarse Powders

MX-901089-919-11<2<10.25 MAX<75 MICRON2.8-3.23.2-3.6<0.4IRREGULAR
MX-851584-8614-16<2<10.25 MAX<75 MICRON2.8-3.23.2-3.6<0.4IRREGULAR
MX-802079-8119-21<2<10.25 MAX<75 MICRON2.8-3.23.2-3.6<0.4IRREGULAR
MX-752574-7624-26<2<10.25 MAX<75 MICRON2.6-3.03.0-3.4<0.4IRREGULAR
MX-703069-7129-31<2<10.25 MAX<75 MICRON2.6-3.03.0-3.4<0.4IRREGULAR
MX-653564-6634-36<2<10.25 MAX<75 MICRON2.6-3.03.0-3.4<0.4IRREGULAR
MX-604059-6139-41<2<10.25 MAX<75 MICRON2.5-2.82.8-3.2<0.4IRREGULAR
MX-554554-5644-46<2<10.25 MAX<75 MICRON2.5-2.82.8-3.2<0.4IRREGULAR

Fine Powders

MX-901089-919-11<2<10.25 MAX<37 MICRON1.6-2.02.2-2.6<0.4IRREGULAR
MX-851584-8614-16<2<10.25 MAX<37 MICRON1.6-2.02.2-2.6<0.4IRREGULAR
MX-802079-8119-21<2<10.25 MAX<37 MICRON1.6-2.02.2-2.6<0.4IRREGULAR
MX-752574-7624-26<2<10.25 MAX<37 MICRON1.4-1.81.9-2.3<0.4IRREGULAR
MX-703069-7129-31<2<10.25 MAX<37 MICRON1.4-1.81.9-2.3<0.4IRREGULAR
MX-653564-6634-36<2<10.25 MAX<37 MICRON1.4-1.81.9-2.3<0.4IRREGULAR
MX-604059-6139-41<2<10.25 MAX<37 MICRON1.0-1.41.6-2.0<0.4IRREGULAR
MX-554554-5644-46<2<10.25 MAX<37 MICRON1.0-1.41.6-2.0<0.4IRREGULAR

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